repository: 13,000 files

disks:3 external

years: 2009-2016

age range: 19-25


EUYOSU is a content visualization process+application which identifies conceptual patterns within a network of user content. A user's repository is classified using natural language processing and content recognition techniques to determine 42 semantic terms with conceptual relevance.

users:content | body:blood

External storage, cloud accounts, and digital user repositories become semantic pools within the Semantic Sphere. Content stored on the distant servers of cloud infrastructure houses hermeneutic memories in the form of documents and media; thus, essentially serving as a fertile landscape for producing semantic concepts predicated by collective experience. In contrast, network-detached storage is considerably less valuable as content is isolated from the multiplicity of addressable resources connected on the web. EUYOSU speculates network-detached storage as a resource for conceptual mapping in the era of the semantic sphere. EUYOSU is a hypermedia visualization of a single user’s personal content. The goal of this game is to render a circulation of concepts among related content and speculate the level of epistemological biases as it pertains to user sovereignty.